Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When do the boxes ship?

We ship our boxes earlier than the actual season so you have time for inspiration and learning the tips and tricks of the box through our member's only blog. 

Boxes will always ship on the 20th of that month and a tracking email will be sent to so you can follow along with it during transit.


SPRING - February 20th

SUMMER - May 20th

FALL - August 20th

Winter - November 20th 

** If the 20th lands on a weekend or holiday, your box will be shipped out the next business day.

2. When does my account renew/ when are the deadlines?

Your account will always renew the 5th of the month, quarterly. We work with artisans and they need time to prepare their goods. 

To get a:

SPRING BOX - subscribe before January 5th. Box will ship out February 20th. 

SUMMER BOX - subscribe before April 5th. Box will ship out May 20th. 

FALL BOX - subscribe before July 5th. Box will ship out August 20th. 

Winter BOX - subscribe before October 5th.  Box will ship November 20th. 

** Cut off dates are put into place so we can curate each box with the amazing handmade and vintage goods. 

** If you wish to purchase a specific season but are past the deadline, please email us at and we will try and help you out! 

3. What are in the crates?

At Cozy Home Crate, we work with local artisans whose products are made with care and love. Your crate will include homemade goods as well as vintage items to make your home cozy. We like to have a variety of items within each of our seasonal boxes and range from throws, tea towels, pillow cases, candles, candle sticks, table decor, trays, signs, nicknacks etc. Every item that has a spot in our boxes has been carefully chosen for a specific reason. We choose items that we believe you will love and cherish! Making a house into a home requires you to be surrounded by people and things you love. Our mission is to turn every house into a home with each of our boxes and get you excited for every delivery day! As a BONUS.. With the boxes you will gain access to our members only blog/ community which will give you tips and tricks on how to decorate with your new items you receive. 

4. How to I make changes to my account?

Any changes can be made by logging into your account (LOGIN tab) and updating your account to your new information or preferences. 

ADDRESS / NAME CHANGE: You can log into your account and make any changes you need BUT make sure ALL updates are completed before the 15th. If the changes are done after this date your shipment may be shipping to your old address. Alternatively, the BEST way to make these changes and to ensure your box is being shipped to the correct place is to email us at This way we can make sure everything is updated when it needs to be! 

CANCELLING: You can cancel your subscription at anytime prior to the renewal occurring. Please see #2 for renewal date details.  If you have any questions or need any assistance we would be happy to help you -

5. Can I send this as a gift?

Of course you can! This is the perfect housewarming gift, birthday gift, christmas, or even just because. Who doesn't love decorating their home with amazing goods?! To Gift a box(s), click subscribe and at the checkout page you will see a checkbox for "This is a Gift". Thank you so much for choosing us for your gift! 

6. What is a subscription?

A subscription is an auto renewed service that will guarantee you the next box before it sells out. It makes it easy so you never need to worry about missing the deadline and not receiving your next seasonal box. Our subscription is quarterly, which means, in February, May, August and November, a box will ship to your door full of amazing items for your home to keep it on trend and cozy throughout that season (and even some items throughout the whole year). You have full control over your account and can be edited at anytime (see #4).  

Our Seasonal Subscription : Billed quarterly at $170 CAD* | With Free Shipping.

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